CEREC One-visit Crowns in Bakersfield, CA

In your time of need, turn to Dr. James K. Kirkpatrick for CEREC One-Visit Crowns.

If you’ve ever experienced a dental accident, then you’re likely well aware that tooth injuries are no walk in the park. When you break a tooth, the natural bacteria that exist in your mouth will waste no time infiltrating the tooth root and gums. If contaminants compromise the root of your tooth, it will most likely need to be extracted. You don’t want to lose your tooth completely! When you’ve broken, chipped, or otherwise hurt a tooth, please call Kirkpatrick Dentistry to receive treatment with CEREC one-visit crowns. Dr. James K. Kirkpatrick and the rest of our staff prefer to use CEREC one-visit crowns technology to repair teeth.

When you come to us with a broken or chipped tooth, we’ll first cleanse the area and remove any fragments that may still remain. After a member of our team takes a digital image of the area, Dr. Kirkpatrick will check your mouth for any further injuries. Then, the Kirkpatrick Dentistry team can begin planning your CEREC one-visit crown treatment! We respect your time, so we prefer to fix hurt teeth with the use of CEREC one-visit crowns. These permanent restorations are usually created and placed during one trip to our Bakersfield practice. This eliminates the often unnecessary step of placing a temporary crown and forcing you to return after we receive your permanent appliance. CEREC one-visit crowns are convenient, reliable, and can return your smile faster than the average crown.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. It’s a milling machine that combines updated computer systems with advanced tools to create dental crowns in a single trip to Kirkpatrick Dentistry. We can scan your broken tooth with CERE, and use the information to plan the creation of your CEREC one-visit crown. The equipment comes with 3D imaging, so Dr. Kirkpatrick will be able to consider all sides of the restorative piece. After the plans are finalized, the CEREC one-visit crown technology will use its tools to create your crown from ceramic material.

Your new crown will be customized to better fit your tooth and bite. When everything goes as planned, Dr. Kirkpatrick will be able to place your CEREC one-visit crown in the same day. CEREC one-visit crowns are made from naturally-colored ceramic, so your peers may not even notice you’ve had restorative dental work from Kirkpatrick Dentistry.

We regularly use CEREC one-visit crowns to restore the smiles of patients from Bakersfield, Shafter, Lamont, McFarland, Wasco, and the surrounding California locations. Please call the office of Dr. Kirkpatrick in order to receive care with CEREC one-visit crowns. If you’d like to learn about our other restorative dentistry procedures, please visit our restorative dentistry page. For those new to our practice, please go to our new patient page to find out more information.

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