Dental Implants Dental implants can provide the stability your bite needs! Speak with the Kirkpatrick Dentistry staff today to find out more!

CEREC One-Visit Crown You can avoid drawing out your dental work by opting for a CEREC one-visit crown!

ClearCorrect System Try using the ClearCorrect system to straighten your teeth if you need orthodontic work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide dental care for my entire family?

Yes! Kirkpatrick Dentistry has both children’s dentistry to provide care to the youngest members of your household, and restorative dentistry services for your matured loved ones. General dentistry appointments are recommended for every adult as well. Dr. Kirkpatrick enjoys helping patients maintain a gorgeous and healthy smile. Please contact us today to begin scheduling the appointments of your whole family!

Why do my teeth appear duller and less white, even though I brush and floss regularly?

It’s natural for teeth to start looking lackluster as you age. Regular eating and drinking will affect the way your teeth look, and certain drinks (such as red wine or coffee) can stain your teeth. The use of most tobacco products can affect your enamel as well. Don’t worry if you notice that your smile isn’t as radiant as it once was. Please contact the cosmetic dentistry office at Kirkpatrick Dentistry to rejuvenate your teeth.

Are there differences between over-the-counter teeth whiteners and professional teeth whiteners?

Professional teeth whiteners are generally more effective that the systems you can buy at your local supermarket. When you contact Kirkpatrick Dentistry for your teeth whitening needs, we can customize a whitening tray to fit the shape of your teeth, as well as decide which solution and whitening gel will produce the desired results for your enamel. Please call our office to learn more about our teeth whitening treatments.

What are my options to replace missing teeth?

Our restorative dentistry team can help replenish the function and appearance of your bite. We have dentures and partials for a removable, easy-to-clean choice. If you’d like a more permanent solution, dental implants and bridges can be created to blend into smiles. We comprehensively care for all of our patients, and Dr. Kirkpatrick can work with you to plan your treatment.

What are payment options do you accept?

Kirkpatrick Dentistry accepts cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). We can also work with your dental insurance to maximize your benefits. Please call us today to schedule your appointment and to learn about our accepted dental insurance.

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