Dental Implants Dental implants can provide the stability your bite needs! Speak with the Kirkpatrick Dentistry staff today to find out more!

CEREC One-Visit Crown You can avoid drawing out your dental work by opting for a CEREC one-visit crown!

ClearCorrect System Try using the ClearCorrect system to straighten your teeth if you need orthodontic work!

About Kirkpatrick Dentistry

Dr. Kirkpatrick provides comprehensive care to the Bakersfield community.

We have created a comfortable environment for Bakersfield patients to relax in while receiving their dental work. Dr. Kirkpatrick and his staff also use advanced technology during examinations, which increases the thoroughness of our care. We take pleasure in the opportunity to help make smiles beautiful, and we want your visit to be relaxing and enjoyable. Please contact Kirkpatrick Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.

Our practice has a number of patient amenities to help you relax. We have pillows and blankets available to keep you cozy during your examination or procedure. You can even listen to music with our iPods or watch TV during your time in our Bakersfield office. Dr. Kirkpatrick and our team would like to help you stay at ease while you’re here.

Dr. Kirkpatrick and his Bakersfield staff also want to communicate effectively with you. We know that sometimes this can be a little difficult, but tools like intraoral cameras can help get the ball rolling! An intraoral camera is wand-shaped, and they’re sterilized after each use. We cover it with a protective plastic slip to eliminate patient-to-patient contamination, too. When we spot an area that needs a little more attention, we can give you a better look with the camera. A member of our team can project the video feed from the camera onto a chairside monitor, and you’ll be able to see the space for yourself!

Kirkpatrick Dentistry is equipped with digital X-rays for the safety of our patients. Digital imaging can reduce your exposure to radiation by as much as 90 percent when compared to traditional X-Rays. Dr. Kirkpatrick wants to maintain the overall wellness of his patients as he works to keep smiles healthy.

It can be difficult to see a cavity. The DIAGNOdent caries detection system assists us in locating weakened enamel that could develop into one of those pesky problem areas. If we discover a cavity or a weakened area that could soon develop a cavity, we’ll proceed with the proper course of treatment. Our Bakersfield patients appreciate that Dr. Kirkpatrick has invested in DIAGNOdent to better preserve their teeth and oral health.

Kirkpatrick Dentistry has CEREC one-visit crown technology to assist those who have broken a tooth. With CEREC equipment, Dr. Kirkpatrick can examine, create, and place a customized permanent crown in a single trip to our Bakersfield office. Eliminate the unnecessary step of needing a temporary crown replaced until your permanent crown comes in by opting to have your appliance created with our in-office CEREC equipment.

Please call us to schedule your appointment today. Dr. Kirkpatrick has a number of dental services to provide patients from Bakersfield, Lamont, McFarland, Wasco, or other close California towns. If you’re new to Kirkpatrick Dentistry, please take a look at our new patient page.

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